Cookbook Review: This Is a CookBook: Recipes for Real Life

6 Dec

large copyThanksgiving has passed and Christmas isn’t here, but, as always, we need to eat. Since we must feed friends, and we want to feed them well, we need to know how and what to cook, even if we aren’t experts. This is were Max and Eli Sussman come in—saving our kitchens from utter disaster with their easy-to-use, straightforward cookbook, This is a Cookbook:Recipes for Real Life.

In this visually intriguing cookbook, there are 60+ recipes that take the home cook all the way from lazy brunches, to outdoor grilling, the perfect midnight snacks, and fun projects like how to cure bacon at home.  Who doesn’t love fresh bacon?

Both Max and Eli are professional chefs working in popular restaurants Roberta’s and Mile End Deli in Brooklyn, New York, and they both decided to take everything they’ve learned from professional kitchens and simplify it so everyone can do away with the frozen dinners and cook simple but satisfying meals.  The Sussman brothers are fed up with the consumption of bad food, and this book has none of that. Each recipe uses ingredients that can be easily found, and utilizes fresh and seasonal choices.

Avoiding cooking because you don’t know how or because you have a small kitchen is all the more reason to do so, the Sussman brothers believe. Dig deep into this playful cookbook and you will find yourself planning brunch with friends, learning to make fresh pasta from scratch, and shaking up accompanied cocktails. Max and Eli have it all covered.

This is one of my personal favorites from the new cookbooks that I have recently reviewed and I highly recommend it as a gift for anyone who wants to eat better.


Title: This is a Cookbook: Recipes For Real Life

Available on:  Amazon and  Barnes and Noble. 

Get more of  Max and Eli: Twitter | Instagram | Blog


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